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LADIES: 13 things you should do to keep your man – EVERY MAN loves #7

9. Flirt with him He is your man.

When he holds your hand, squeeze his for a second to register your interests. Stroke his forearms, when you sit with him, lean in towards him when you talk. Wink at him. Be playful; do not be afraid to make a mess when you play. Praise him in front of others. Awe his friends. Be comfortable around them; enjoy the moments and their company. Crack jokes with them and have intelligent conversations.

10. Learn his love language

Different men like different things, all men are not enthralled by the same stuff. Some love public display of affection and a lot of touching and body contact, another may just want to keep hearing how much he is loved and appreciated while frequent tiny gifts would always awe another. Find out what love means to your man and love him the way he wants to be loved.



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