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15 horrible facts Dubai does not want the world to know about – This will leave you in utter shock (With Pics)

8. The Government Is Openly Destroying The Environment

Dubai is developing so fast with the help of their slavery workforce. Every day more and more complexes appear in this city out of nowhere. Investors don’t want to wait; they want their stuff now. Naturally, there is a lot of sewage and chemical waste from the construction sites. However, sewage treatment facilities cannot keep up with the pace, and the lines for dumping the waste became so long, that many businesses decided to dump their chemicals elsewhere. By saying elsewhere, I mean the sea. Many tourists started noticing that the sea is getting dirtier, and soon it will become dangerous to swim there. How did the government react to this? They simply shut themselves from the people with a wall of silence. Also, the government made sure that people understand that bringing this question up to the public will result in deportation out of the country.



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