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5 Reasons why Nigerians find it hard to disclose their income (with pics) – #3 is critical if you want to be successful

The realization that Nigerians generally do not like to disclose their salary (even if it is for a similar role in the same organisation or sector) still beats my comprehension. You would ask (in good faith I might add) how much a person makes on the job that you are considering applying for, and people just keep going around in circles or dropping hints and bits of information. They make it look like they are answering your question, but they are vague enough for you to get the drift that you are better off coming up with your own salary expectations.


The default response I got (and still get) when I ask trusted colleagues or friends about the salary for a position, usually leaves me confused rather than confident of what I should be asking for. It is also not helpful to people who are planning to relocate back to the country. In my quest to understand why Nigerians are particularly dismissive when it comes to disclosing their salary, people I spoke to attributed this behaviour to the reasons below:

1. Living a Double Standard Life So, I have been told that keeping one’s mouth shut when it comes to your earnings is the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria – especially if you live a double life. That is if you are a student/professional by day and an aristo/love-vendor/escort by night.
Such extra-professional activities often come with maintaining a certain lifestyle which could make people easily suspicious when they realise that your pay cheque doesn’t justify your lifestyle.



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