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Nigerian Lady calls out her ex-boyfriend on Facebook

A Nigerian Lady, Okibe Olivia has called out her ex-boyfriend on Facebook, and cursed the day they met and started dating.. Read What she wrote on Her Facebook Below;

Mummy , shebi u see it now ?

This idiot called Emeka Augustine that I dated by error sent this , yesterday .

I know , how jobless he is after all ; if Maye (Mugu) no pay he won’t eat .

So , after killing himself with illicit hustle in Malaysia , He returns to Nigeria with little change he calls money then he becomes senseless.

I didn’t want to talk ooooo, bcos of u mum ; until this morning again the fool Emeka Augustine called me on phone with this number 08066882331; if am lying let me not see anything good in life . And it is not possible , I change my numbers because of the fool.

I wonder why he still calls , a girl he publicly called what she is not. I know he doesn’t have peace , because there is no peace for the wicked.

Am putting this out publicly for u to know the kind of cow I had as an Ex .

Maybe, you can call him if u are friends with him to put him to order by taking him to the nearest psychiatric hospital because he is mentally deranged.

He needs help…

And for the ladies stupidly seeking cheap attentions , go ahead and have his Nigerian numbers.

The other time, He was using his cousins account to send nonsenses on my post comment by comment.

James Chukwu it’s unfortunate u are allowing the devil to use u to work, maybe you don’t know why I still left you on my friend list. I left you there, bcos u were reasonable, truthful and wise back then I don’t know about now; u were the only reasonable brother he has because before me then u always tell him the bitter truth, but I know why you are allowing the devil to manipulate you is because you have no job thus no money ,
The idiot of ur brother gives you money, dats y; so I understand ur plight but I warn u to be careful so u don’t go down for another’s sin .

Emeka and Co, continue masturbating on ur stupid selves , I Okibe Olivia will soon feed you and your entire generations in every ramifications soonest.

Mark my word; bunch of morons.
U need the fame , ama share mine with u .

I curse the day , I met or said yes to you but I bless the day God began to use you to work in my favor.
Mad man, may sense fall on you .

Meanwhile am waiting for the operation , of all the fake account u opened for my sake.
Atleast , I am already giving you Job bcos I know u are jobless.

Always respect me like you are doing already, bcos am ur senior in everything intellectually and otherwise
except in physical age which is just a number dat doesn’t count .

Shebi all other strategies u ve been using to get at me has been failing , I advice u become more smarter bcos u are dealing with an intellect here. I wonder how u were able to cheat white people to dupe them of their money with this fowl brain of urs, smh ???Tueeeh

Don’t worry, what will hit you ; will soon hit you so hard; let me see how u can carry ur epileptic self to make noise again .

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