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9 creepy photos captured in people’s homes that will make you shiver

Photos captured: Whether it’s paranormal activity that scares you silly or the horror that can be done to us by fellow human beings, we’ve got something on this list to shock and terrify everyone. Now that home security systems are becoming increasingly affordable, their popularity is rising and it’s only a matter of time before most homes are decked out with their own set of “eyes.” With this added measure of safety, we should feel more peace of mind, but what happens when what you end up catching on video horrifies you senseless? Whether you’re the owner of a slice of paradise in the suburbs or renting an apartment in the city, it seems that no one is safe from creatures lurking in the night with bad intentions.


If we’re not safe in our homes, where can we turn to for comfort? Be glad you’re not these fifteen horrified homebodies who had the shock of their lives when they reviewed their footage.

9. The Shy Girl In The Shadows Photo

Yes, sure. That could be a blonde girl standing behind the woman and peeking out from behind the woman’s head. But just keep on looking. The more time you spend staring, the more chilling the image becomes. Do you notice a devilish grin on the girl’s face? And the fact that her one visible eye seems to be glowing? Go ahead, you skeptics and say that it’s just red-eye caused by the camera. This photo was uploaded to Reddit with the caption, “Please tell me that is your shy daughter.”


And we really hope that is it because the alternative answer is just too terrifying. But if it true answer really is just a shy daughter, why does her facial expression look so menacing? Enough looking now! Let’s not upset her, just in case. Scroll on!        



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