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10 times Kim Kardashian forgot to look in the mirror before leaving the house – She should be sued for how she dresses (With Pics)

9. Billowing Pink Dress That Made Kim Look Like A Balloon

 Kim wore the above outfit when she was pregnant so we won’t be too harsh here. For once, she decided against tight-fitting clothes and opted for a looser fit, no doubt surprising many fans (and haters) in the process.
However, while we often criticize Kim for her tight-fitting clothes that doesn’t mean that baggy ensembles make her look any better.

Unfortunately for Kim, the day she decided to wear the above outfit proved to be extremely windy. The gusts of wind resulted in her dress billowing out like a balloon thus making Kim appear chubbier than she actually was.

10. Yellow On Yellow On Yellow

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian rocks yellow and she knows it. That is why she wears so many yellow outfits, but sometimes she truly goes overboard. Take the above outfit for example – gold satin dress, yellow coat and gold shoes – which she wore on the red carpet. She looks absolutely ridiculous and yet it doesn’t even seem like she knows it.
While Kim certainly stood out on the red carpet we’re not so sure that she should try and replicate the look ever again. In fact, some have dubbed it the “golden nugget” outfit and we couldn’t agree more.

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