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10 hilariously disgusting ways girls behave when they get engaged (PHOTOS)

Ways girls behave when they get engaged: I remember when i was a kid, during the adolescence stage and everything starts growing in the right places, Yetunde that we used to play ‘mummy and daddy’ (If you know, you know *winks*) together just few years back wants me to start calling her ‘Aunty’. She is now married with two kids and we haven’t said a word ever since she wanted the aunty title. I am too proud for that LOL. Fast forward to recent times, it is a generally known thing that when girls get the ring, they begin to class themselves from others as if they got double promotion. Aunty lordess of the ring, remember men are scums. Read  below the attitudes they start portraying from the moment they get the gem.

1. They start dishing out relationship advice

2. Any small thing, they’d carry their left hand up and wave it in your face

Any small thing, they'd carry their left hand up and wave it in your face

3. They start inserting “my husband” in almost every sentence

o gini?



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