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8 European countries Nigerians hardly travel to – #1 & #2 are VISA free countries (Photos)

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina

European countries Nigerians hardly travel to
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Number of tourists that visited in 2017: 770,000
That number if you had also visited: 770,001

A quarter of a century after the end of the Bosnian War that saw more than 100,000 killed (the most devastating conflict since the end of WWII), a lot of people continue to stay away due to the assumption that it’s still dangerous. But having been there myself, I found it to be a peaceful and fascinating place where Muslims and Christians alike live in harmony. It’s also super cheap and their grilled meats are as good as anywhere. You can also check out some of the 1984 Winter Olympic ruins, which were hosted in the capital Sarajevo.

5. Republic of North Macedonia

European countries Nigerians hardly travel to
Republic of North Macedonia

Number of Tourists that visited in 2017: 510,000
That number if you had also visited: 510,001

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Another of the former member states of Yugoslavia, it’s perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Alexander the Great as well as Mother Teresa. Known as Macedonia until a few months ago (a fact that didn’t please its southern neighbor Greece, which has unrelated territory also known as Macedonia), this small, landlocked country has a lot of lakes and valleys that nature lovers would enjoy. Having been to capital Skopje, my feeling is that it’s a nice enough place to spend a single day, but more than that would be stretching it.



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