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Best Vacuum cleaners 2019

Vacuum cleaners are home appliances that are designed to make cleaning easy for homeowners no matter the size of their residence. The vacuum cleaners eliminate the need to hire a cleaning company or housemaid to maintain cleanliness in the home. Luckily, there are several types of vacuum cleaners in the market that are ideal for different kinds of homes with the latest ones having a variety of unique features. Whether you need a large or small one, you will find it at a local store or being sold in your favorite online marketplaces.

Why you should invest in a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have become one of the handiest domestic tools in the home because of its ability to get rid of dirt and dust effectively. The cleaning tool offers convenience to homeowners looking for an affordable way to keep their homes sparkling at all times. The advantages provided by vacuum cleaners are countless and worth having as part of your home appliances. Some of the common benefits of buying a vacuum cleaner are listed below.

Time saver

Traditional methods of cleaning the house like the use of a mop or broom are being phased out because they are time-consuming when completing tasks. However, vacuum cleaners do the same job in half the time or less making them the better choice for most homeowners. It does not matter the size of your home; there is a vacuum cleaner that can clean it within the shortest time possible.

Easier cleaning

Picking up dirt and dust from the floor or carpet is faster and easier when using a vacuum cleaner. The domestic tool picks up most of the dirt, making it easier to clean the floor using a mop or cloth. Also, some vacuum cleaners can be used to reach corners and tight spaces that might not have been cleaned with a regular mop or brush.

Saves money

Regular and consistent vacuuming makes it easier to keep rugs and carpets in good condition for a long time. When rugs in the home are in good condition, it reduces the number of times they have to be replaced resulting in saving money. Also, buying of mops and cleaning cloths that wear out quickly is eliminated when using a vacuum cleaner.

Easy to use

Majority of vacuum cleaners are designed in a user-friendly way, making them a favorite home appliance for both the young and the elderly. A quick look through the manual will give you a head start on which buttons to press to ensure the machine works at its optimum. Also, the more recent designs are more intuitive with fewer buttons to be pressed when in use.

Improves quality of life

Apart from getting rid of dirt and dust from all corners of the home, vacuum cleaners also enhance the quality of air. Most of these home appliances pick up dirt without pushing it from one place to another, which reduces the dust in the air. Polluted air in the home is usually the cause of allergic reactions and diseases which can be avoided by using a vacuum cleaner.

Top 5 vacuum cleaners in 2019

Finding the best vacuum cleaner has become easier as majority are sold on different online marketplaces. It is possible to browse through numerous images of vacuum cleaners and choose the most suitable one for your home. Nevertheless, some vacuum cleaners are quite popular across the board because of their unique features. Here is a list of vacuum cleaners that are popular in 2019.

  1. Onson Stick Vacuum cleaner

The onson vacuum is one of the most popular cleaners among homeowners because of its ability to clean better than other machines in its category. The vacuum cleaner is cordless meaning that users have no restrictions in movement when cleaning, resulting in better cleaning experience. Also, it is one of the most affordable stick vacuums in the market.

  1. Dyson V10 Absolute

The V10 version of the Dyson vacuum is rated as one of the top vacuum cleaners worldwide. It is battery powered, making it convenient to use when cleaning a variety of surfaces, especially hardwood floors. The vacuum has a two in one design which offers convenience and allows it to be used as a handheld device or stick vacuum. Besides the home, the Dylan V10 can be used to clean the interior of a car, leaving it spotless.

  1. Roomba 690

Robot vacuums are becoming popular because of their ability to clean different types of surfaces with the major ones being hardwood floors. Roomba 690 is one such vacuum cleaner that has proven to be the leader among this particular category of cleaners. It offers scheduled cleanings and spot cleaning for stubborn spaces within the home or specific surface. Also, the hands-free vacuum is excellent for picking up pet hair on various surfaces.

  1. Shark pet perfect 2

Shark pet perfect 2 is a cordless vacuum that is ideal for homeowners that keep pets and need to clean after them regularly. It has a motorized brush roll that is great for picking up pet hair and other types of dirt on various surfaces leaving the house spotless. Users of this handheld vacuum should be ready to replace the battery when it dies off, which can be a bit costly but worth it considering the work it can do.

  1. Miele Classic C1

If you are looking for a high performing canister vacuum, you need to buy the Miele Classic C1. The vacuum cleaner is excellent for deep cleaning areas that would have otherwise remain unreachable. Its simple design and easily accessible controls make it easy to operate as a beginner or an experienced person.

Overall, buying a vacuum cleaner is the best way to ensure that your home remains clean throughout the year. Majority of the vacuums that are popular in 2019 are designed with home users in mind so that they can get maximum output from the machines.



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