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Man shares scary experience after renting a haunted house in Abuja

A man identified as Everyoung45 has narrated his experience after renting a haunted apartment in Abuja.

Sharing his scary experience via Twitter, he wrote,

“My Own Experience Living in a Haunted House in Abuja.

On the 26th of July i made up my mind to trade Lagos for Abuja and as well give (Abuja) a different try and as well feel what it’s like to live and work in the capital! So my journey began. Got into Abuja with just one person in mind whom i was going to squat with until i sought out my apartment . Been house hunting and trust me the houses 🏡 the agent shown me was far off what i wanted , it wasn’t easy.

I finally got an apartment on 69 road gwarinpa , checked it out to some extent wasn’t what i want but nevertheless i needed my own space , so i paid for it and commenced putting the apartment in order . Had the carpenter and plumber do all the necessary finishing touch.

The first day i moved into that house landed me in the hospital and luckily , started off like a mild headache then switch to malaria symptoms after I’ve made payment to my landlord. During September Abuja is usually very hot but to my greatest surprise…

… i literally enjoyed staying under the sun ☀️ and kid you not had perform a laboratory 🧪 test to figure out what is wrong with me , they couldn’t find an atom of malaria in my system but then i was showing malaria symptoms (e shock you abi)😅.

Fast forward to 2 months in the compound , you would hear strange wind sound , hear footsteps , when it is past 11pm at night I will hear the sound of a stone dropping on the floor usually in the bathroom area or in front of my bed frame. It was crazy.

On the 11th of April , a very mighty wind blow across the compound and it yank off my roof but then , my apartment was in the middle between 2 other apartments but the wind could only lay damage to my roof(the apartment roof remains intact).

Complain bitterly to my landlord but the man no send me . I have change the security bulbs more than 5times since i moved in there and it never occur to me that i was literally living with ghost!

My kitchen was a small kiosk constructed outside since they didn’t make plans for kitchen to be included in the main building . Once it gets dark the compound gives this chilly vibes like you’re in a forest 🌳 disconnected from the world completely.

Nobody comes to visit me without having this remark of “which kind compound be this sef”. Like whenever friends who came to visit make this statement i would just say , no worry de house dey alright !

@Neo_Marshall use to visit me quite often but didn’t know that i was going through hell. The compound is always lonely coz i was the only occupant most times , the other person(was just 2 of us) usually travels for months to go spend time with his family .

On the September 1st during the last bbn show during one of their Saturday night party , at about 12:04am the worst of the worst happened to me and it’s an experience i don’t wish on my worst enemy 😫

At around the aforementioned time , i legit over head 2 babies(guess in their infant stage) crying profusely beside my window 🪟 😫😫😫, my only neighbor had traveled , at first was thinking maybe it came from the tv 📺, had to turn the volume of the music box…

.. to my greatest surprise the crying was real and u couldn’t see anyone , i panicked , picked up my phone dialed both parent phone number , reach out to my brothers as well , i was too scared to even get close to my window . Had to sha find courage and close the window blind The crying lasted for about 20 mins , so how did i know they were 2 different babies? So they crying was simultaneous , A will cry and stop B will take over like that interchangeably. Omo that was the first time I was that scared in my life .

Forgot to mention that all through my stay there i didn’t have a job , I had just one client and referrals weren’t coming , would apply for jobs at different gyms and they would say , sorry we can’t afford you(sighting my credentials) would still tell to just get a job Regardless of my qualifications, man just wanted to work ! That house indeed really dealt with me , from a well to do young man from Lagos to having to live off my friends who i usually reach out for support . I can exclusively say this ….

I DID NOT EARN A DIME living in that house 🏡 , it’s on 69 road gwarinpa just a stone throw from Big ideas super market .

When looking for a house no matter how much hurry you’re in , please don’t forget to involve God or whatever thing you believe in . Always ask questions from people the compound , the information will always come handy 👍🏼THE END!”


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