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OMG!! Secondary school girl caught showing her BF her stuffs in class? (See Photo)

Imagine the near-death experience this girl will get if you happen to be the parent and they bring this picture home to you. There will surely be war in Moscow. When thrown open to our many reasonable and wonderful readers, opinions flooded in, but many said maybe she was just checking for lumps.


Secondary Girl Showing Her Breast To Her Boyfriend In Classroom

The logical thing is can one really be checking for lumps in class? In your own candid opinion should this lady be left alone for just a single excuse of checking for lumps? 

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  1. Kay says

    This small child showing nipple at this age and time? Pathetic, just pathetic.

    1. BUMB says

      Shut up. You're just as pathetic as your post. Let her live her life, you can "LEAVE" yours.

  2. Hannah says

    Well, no more decency in the world. It is totally normal in their senses now. Though pathetic, but blame it on their role models. The likes of Rihanna et al.

  3. Jakob says

    How suree are you that she's showing it to a guy

    1. Timothy Stalks says

      Good question..

  4. Otokpa says

    Did she tell you she was showing it to her boy friend? Or just something else.

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