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OMG!! SEE What The World’s Most Controversial P0RN STAR Did In This Pics – E ven While Wearing The Hijab ? [LOOK]

Lebanese Porn star, Mia Khalifa has in recent days pulled an outrageous stunt which is performing s3x act with a hijab on.

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World’s Most Controversial PORN STAR Performs Blowjob While Wearing A Hijab

She’s also been berated for her tattoos, one of which is the opening lines of the Lebanese national anthem.

The allegorical message, of course, is that a porn star isn’t worthy of representing Lebanon, and the closer Khalifa appears to identify with the country, the angrier people get.

She refuted the criticism, however: “They’re embarrassed I’m ‘claiming’ them — as if I had a choice,” she told Newsweek. “I was born there.”

But there’s something else at play, whenever a woman comes out as a porn star, the attacks inevitably start pouring in by the boatload.

In other words, the video in which Khalifa wears a hijab is upsetting because it plays right into the “dominant white man” theory, which is particularly problematic given the United States’ recent history in the Middle East.

Newsweek correspondent, Abouelezz says the video isn’t even an accurate depiction of Muslim sex. Muslim women usually don’t wear the hijab while doing it, and thus using it in that way is clearly intended to titillate and provoke.

“Mia, with her bare Arabic tattoos and hijab acts,” Abouelezz concludes, “is an extension of living, breathing orientalism — its oppressive message existing even in the realm of power and dominance in the porn industry.”

It would be recalled in an article that Mia khalifa receives death threats after being voted top actress. However, Khalifa told Newsweek that most of the hatred she receives online comes from Lebanese men who have watched her work.

Still, for all the hate, Khalifa has retained a sizable fan base, and her popularity keeps growing. She doesn’t plan on doing porn forever, although she plans to keep it up for the time being.




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