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17 yr old boy reduces his long penis size so he can have sex (Before & After Photo)

A 17-year-old boy has undergone a surgery to shorten his penis which neither allowed him have sex nor participate in sporting activities because it was so massive. Details & Photo after the cut…


Surgeons who were surprised at his request referred to his action as the world’s first penis reduction surgery ever in history.

An x-ray result of a 17-year-old boy in Florida who underwent the first penis reduction surgery after his penis  grew too large and prevented him from having sex. (Photo Credit: Journal of Sexual Medicine)

The penis was said to have measured 7ins long and 10ins round when flacid.

It was learnt that the penis of the American teenager only becomes harder when erect but does not get any bigger.

The surgery was carried out by Surgeon Rafael Carrion from the University of South Florida according to Mail Online.

Carrion said, “There comes a time in every urologist’s career that a patient makes a request that leaves a physician speechless. ‘That question was “can you make my penis smaller?”

The doctors did not take final measurements of the penis, although Dr Carrion disclosed that the result was ‘generous’.

The teen now has no problem having normal erections and has full sensation.

“It’s slightly longer and slightly thicker than the average male, but now it looks symmetrical, and the patient was very satisfied, said Carrion.

“It looks cosmetically appealing, and he said it was a life-changing event, he’s all smiles.”

One other person has approached Carrion for the same surgery after the news of the surgery was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

He said, “This [second] man seems to have a naturally large penis, because there’s nothing unusual in his medical history, so it doesn’t seem like there’s any real abnormality in this case.

“These are controversial waters we’re stepping in. Who is to judge what is a legitimate complaint and what isn’t?

“You don’t normally have men complaining about this kind of thing. These are very unique cases.”

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