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All you really need to you know about Postinor 2 – This is what they won’t tell you

8. If the user has a reported case of asthma, heart failure, hypertension, migraine, epilepsy, renal impairment, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia, depression, and / or stroke, the preparation may be used exclusively in the above mentioned emergency cases. it is not appropriate for regular use.

The manufacturer of the emergency contraceptive offers the efficiency of the pill when it is taken as directed. Logically, the longer the interval between unprotected s*x and taking the pill, the decrease in how effective it will be.

It is estimated that Postinor-2 will prevent 85% of expected pregnancies. 95% of expected pregnancies will be prevented if taken within the first 24 hours.

So I employ every guy to always walk around with postinor2 because you never know when you will have a match because you don’t want to receive that “We need to Talk” text after 7 weeks.

-Joseph Abalokwu

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  1. Mira says

    So youvare promoting its usage?

    1. Ayogu Glory Daniel says

      He also need to carry it around because it cure HIV/ and other sicknesses. it is also good for woman body because it is food. researcher nwa Njoku

  2. Anonymous says


  3. amanda says

    Why do you encourage fornication and unprotected sex? This particular write up is an encouragement to guys and girls to carry on doing the evil of forcing drugs down the throat, destroying procreation and developing future problems instead of getting married and settling down.

  4. Joy says

    All ur speech doesn't always tally with ur post, y is that?

  5. dasola says

    It doesn't always work for me

  6. Sandra says

    This is actually the worst blog I've visited sorry to say u have nice write ups but the ads that's pops up each time u wanna read is very annoying…especially Jumia

  7. Eniola says

    What do you mean they don't tell you? All you have said and more is on the instructions that comes with it.

  8. yinka says

    You are stupid o, so men should be walking about with post in or instead of condom?

  9. door says

    Go for HIV test oga…. Loooong hiss

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