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Man gets stuck inside married woman laced with charms while making love (See Photos)

A married man whose wife was cheating on him with his friend decided to take a step in order to stop her infidel attitude. He used a charm locally called ‘muthi’ or ‘magun’ on his wife’s vagina so that by implication, any man that has sex with her will get stuck inside her.


The angry husband from Zimbabwe went ahead to warn his friend of the impeding danger but the man who resides in Yeoville, Johannesburg paid deaf ears to the warnings.



On the fateful day however, the randy man went ahead to have sex with the married woman and his penis got stuck inside her which prompted the cheating duo to scream for help.

The rumours that the man had died spread around the neighbourhood like wildfire which attracted the attention of a crowd of about 2,000 at Dena Court in Yeoville, Joburg who were all eager to catch a glimpse of the shamed couple.

One of the neighbours, identified as Priscilla Ndlovu, said they heard screams from the room where the woman stays.

She said, “At first we thought it was just the screams of sexual pleasure, but it turned to be screams for help.”

According to, they called in the building security who forced the door open and found the naked couple stuck together, pleading for help, but nobody could separate them.

Ndlovu said they were all shocked at the sight after the door was opened.

“We always hear of such things happening but we have never seen it,” said the neighbour.

An ambulance was called to the scene in the early hours of Friday, February 20, 2015 and on sighting the ambulance, the residents started chanting, “We want to see them! Show us the cheaters!”

A female source from the cheating woman’s husband’s family said the man had been complaining about his wife’s infidelity.

She said, “He complained she was going out with his friend. I think he locked his wife to catch the man she’s cheating with.”

According to her, the charm is a common way to catching and punishing cheating personsin Zimbabwe.

“No one will separate them until the husband comes back from Zimbabwe to unlock them,” she said.

Meanwhile, it was unclear whether the couple were taken to a hospital or not as the security personnel had difficulties trying to control the surging crowd after which the ambulance sped off.

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