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10 ways to loose weight fast – Yes, without exercise!

  1. Lemon water

Try starting your day with warm lemon water (you can add some honey if you like). This wonderful, natural energy drink will help you kickstart your day, flash toxins out of your system and boost your metabolism.

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  1. How to lose weight without exercise? Try a bit of psychology

Although this doesn’t work for everybody, some people have claimed to have lost pounds by teaching themselves not to want food when they don’t really need it. Next time that you reach for a snack, ask yourself this question: “Am I hungry or I just want to drink something?” Oftentimes, our body craves for water and we misinterpret this, thinking that we are hungry. Drink a tall glass of water and see how you feel. If you still feel hungry, then yes, you need a snack! You’re not stopping yourself from eating, but you are starting to admit to yourself that you don’t really need food when you are just thirsty, and it will start to break the habit of unnecessary eating.



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