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4 sex drugs you should STOP taking now else you just might…

4 sex drugs you should STOP taking – Drug used to enhance sex isn’t a new phenomena in African-American culture. You hear about it in songs, see it in movies, some of you may have even tried drug induced sexual encounters yourselves. These encounters can seem exciting, even other worldy at first, but more often than not you can end up seriously injured or worse.


These drugs are either unaturally manipulating your brain functions and hormonal release in your body. You see, your body is pretty good at regulating itself, but taking drugs for sexual purposes can really throw your sexual health out of wack.


The 4 sex drugs you should STOP taking:

1. All natural sex pills.

herbal sex pills.jpg

Everyody wants to go green in todays world, be and eat organic. Enter the all natural herbal sex pills. These pills claim to have all natural ingredients that’ll boost your sex drive, get your little soldier at attention a lot more safely than their synthetic counterparts. The truth of the matter is, many of the so called herbal pills actually contain unregulated high doses of the stuff you’d find in the more comercial brands of sex improvement drugs. These unregulated amounts can cause strokes and even death. The danger is even greater for those older men that take blood pressure regulators and such. You younger guys out there that like to pop pills to give your little warrior super human stamina also run the risk of serious injury. Your best bet is to know what you’re taking, and only take it if you need it.



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