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5 Powerful dating tips to help you get sexy women no matter your look, age or income

Powerful dating tips to help you get sexy women – As the dating tips master who has helped millions of men date sexy women no matter their looks, age or income, I’ve heard all of the stories. I hear it over and over — “It was going so great, and then she disappeared on me… why? What happened? We were having such a great time together. I’m tired of this happening. I want to date sexy women, but I want them to stick around. Do you have any dating tips for me?”



Every time a guy tells me this, I discover he’s making the exact same dating mistakes that most guys do. These dating mistakes can kill your chances of successfully dating sexy women.

Here Are My Top 5 Dating Tips to Help You Skyrocket Your Success with Sexy Women:

Dating tip #1: Don’t date.

Yes, you heard me right. I said don’t date. Think about a traditional “date.” It’s full of pressure, awkwardness, evaluation and it just plain sucks. What do you do on a traditional date? Dinner, movie, kiss goodnight, and then she doesn’t return your calls. Trust me, it’s much better (and cheaper) to meet for coffee. It’s fun and relaxed with none of the normal dating expectations.

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  1. yozzip says

    My personal suggestion before buying any of the "seduce her" products is to review them thoroughly; has some really good reviews with the pros and cons of particular product.

  2. Andrew says

    useful tips, thanks

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