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Remember the Nigeria versus India match? Here’s everything you need to know! (+Pic)

Everything You Need To Know About The Nigeria Versus India Match:  Virtually everybody born before the invention of the internet must have heard the tale of a nonexistent football match between Nigeria and India that obviously took place in a parallel universe and somehow we got to hear the gory stories of that match.


Though there are many variations of the story, every prevaricator seems to agree on a couple of facts about this fictional football match. Each storyteller agrees that;

1. This match ended with India scoring 99 goals and Nigeria scoring just one goal.

2. Nigerians where unable to kick the ball because the football kept turning to a lion (or something scary) to prevent them from playing the soccer ball.

3. The Indians later agreed that if Nigeria could score a goal, they would concede defeat

4. Samuel Okwaraji scored the winning goal and lost his life in the process.

5. FIFA banned India from soccer because they used black magic in that very game

With the help of common sense (not that it was absent back then), quick access to information and the internet, every right thinking Nigerian has come to realize that such a story should be filled under “Blatant Lies”.

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  1. YoRicky says

    Hey there. Good evening. Sorry to say but you didn't get to tell us the scores of the match between Nigeria and India. Thank you

    1. leo says

      Nigga d match neva happened dat is y d word "fictional" is used perhaps if u visited ur dictionary as often as u visit porn sites u'd knw d meaning of d word fictional.

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