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The top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth for 2015 (+Pics)

Richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth: Who are the richest musicians in Nigeria? Music has been paying heavily in Nigeria for the past ten years. No wonder average Nigerian youths see music as one of the the quick means to wealth and fame. Why not! When a good number of artistes have risen from nothing to something over the years, enjoying wealth that can only be imagined by average people.


The question is Who is the richest among these musicians and how much are they worth? Before you read, I want you to have these in mind:-

1. Net Worth does not necessarily mean the amount of money you have in the bank. It is how much you are worth as an asset: based on your works, your achievements, investments, and popularity. So, when we talk about richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth, some of the artistes mentioned may not have the said amount of money in the bank.

2. Album/music sale is not the only means musician stars make money. They make much more in – YouTube partnership, Loyalties, ringtones, concerts, sponsorships, endorsements, and appearances.

These were factored into this rating to come up with this robust, time tested ranking of richest musicians in Nigeria. The best and most accurate you can find anywhere on the internet.

3. This list is dynamic – it changes from time to time. Someone who is on this ranking today may not be there tomorrow.

4. If you have an objection, state it in a civil manner, utilizing the comment system below.

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  1. Natty says


  2. DINGHA says

    Flavour ahead of dbanj? That's a lie. Dbanj has more international recognition than any of these guys.. Why should flavor come ahead of him.. He started before him and he's still ahead. These your list is false… Thanks

    1. MIDE says

      Yh, I guess d'banj is bigger than flavour but I think the list is fair. D'banj should be second or third

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