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8 struggles only men with small pen1ses can relate to

Struggles only men can relate to: Obviously most men hate having a small penis and even the thought of it scares them. This is all because most men think it is embarrassing or may not satisfy a woman. This is how society has made us and if you think this is the only reason why men who have small penises are troubled, you might need to think again.


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There are many other reasons that are troubling and only men with smaller penis will understand this. Here are 8 struggles men with smaller penises go through.

1. The Embarrassments

Yes! The no. 1 struggle is the embarrassment they go through day in, day out. The moment they drop their pants either in front of a woman or other men, everyone stares and makes mockery of it. This makes them avoid bathing in groups where other colleagues might make mockery of their member. So yes! They go through mockery everyday and this affects them psychologically.



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