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10 celebs you didn’t know were muslims – Number 1 will shock you!

Celebs you didn’t know were muslims: With ISIS being plastered across the pages of every major news outlet you can find, the Islamic faith has been getting a very bad rap as of late. What the mainstream media fails to portray whatsoever, however, are any of the positive aspects that the religion delivers.


Over and over, the Western world is informed about another suicide bombing, beheading or war relative to the apparent beliefs of Islam. There’s far more to it than that though. Not every Muslim is anti-American and out to cause others bodily injury – in fact, it’s kind of nuts that the sentiment has even gotten to that level. The faith constitutes the world’s second largest religious group, with 62% of practicing Muslims living in South-East Asia. Interestingly enough, a recent study by Pew Research Center found there to be more Muslims living in the United Kingdom than Lebanon, and more in China than Syria. Bet the news didn’t tell you that.

The Islamic faith is heavy on morality and teaches its followers how to be pious, humble and accountable for their actions. Family values and respect towards others are heavily emphasized, as is the exercise of control in regards to one’s passions and desires. Muslims are warned against vanity and excessive material pleasures in the world, which distract from a person’s spirit. Sounds pretty good right? The ten celebrities we’ve rounded up below thought so too. While many were born into the Muslim faith, others converted to Islam later on in life after crediting it for having changed them into a better person.

10. Janet Jackson

shutterstock_Janet Jackson (2)

Janet Jackson decided to convert to Islam in order to marry her husband, billionaire Wissam Al-Mana. While the R&B songstress is known for her racy lyrics and sensual videos, she has since moved to Qatar and spends the majority of her time in the Middle East. While Al-Mana is co-owner of the largest luxury fashion company in Qatar, Jackson has been spotted by paparazzi covered in traditional Muslim dress including a black jilbab (loose-fitting garment) and a hijab (headscarf). Also See: Top 10 fifth generation fighter aircraft (With Pictures)



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