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10 countries without armed forces – You will be shocked seeing this!

Countries without armed forces: Most countries have large military forces that are able to deploy and protect at any given time (the largest and most notable being China, at about 1,600,000 army personnel), while some countries have no military at all. Below is a list of 10 countries without armed forces. Each of them with variable reasons why; some because of the country’s history other because of its location.


Whereas many of us believe that a military force is a necessity, there are countries that see or have no need for them; but, in many cases, there is a back-up plan in the case that the country is attacked or war is declared upon that country.
Japan is not included in this list because, while the country may officially have no military according to Article 9 of its Constitution, it does have the Japan Self-Defence Forces, a military force for national territory defence that may only be deployed outside Japan for UN peacekeeping missions.
These are 10 Countries with absolutely no military forces.

10. Marshall Islands

10 Countries Without Armed Forces
Since the country’s foundation the sole forces permissible area unit the police, which has a Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security. The Maritime police investigation Unit is provided with tiny arms, and maintains one Pacific category patrol boat, the Lomor. Under the Compact of Free Association, defense is the responsibility of the United States.



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