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10 most dangerous snake species in history of the world – See which is #1 (With Pictures)

Most dangerous snake species: When it comes to think of snakes, we start feeling fear because these creatures are extremely dangerous. There are various snake species in the world which are highly venomous and poisonous. It is quite difficult for any one of us to resist the terror of snakes, but to take a look at the snake species is always exciting.


The best place to see snakes is zoos and museums, but make sure that you sit miles away from them because they can bite you in no time. Let us explore which are 10 most dangerous snake species in the world.

10. Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snakes look extremely innocent but you shouldn’t get trapped with its appearance as they are extremely dangerous. About 1/12000 of an ounce part of its poison is enough for killing the adult humans. These snakes are of different varieties and their habitat is forests of Australia. The brown snakes chase their preys for killing them and obtaining food from their blood. Also See: 10 most expensive dog breeds in history of the world – Their prices will shock you (With Pics)



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  1. Lawrence says

    It's so heartbreaking to read an article like this only to get disappointed at the end. For Pete's sake, Anacondas are non poisonous snakes. They kill by strangling their prey to death. Always research well.

  2. Mi Smolinsky says

    I quite like reading an article that can make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

  3. Afilabi says

    Wrong info, pls research extensively before misleading people. Anaconda is not venomous, it is constrictors.

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