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Celebrities who suffered TRAGEDY in the occult (With Pictures)

Celebrities who suffered TRAGEDY in the occult 

Led Zeppelin

The famous 1960s rock band, Led Zeppelin, was deeply immersed in the occult during their time on the charts and like many others who dabbled in the dark arts, it brought them terrible tragedy and sadness. They made a deal with the devil and he burned them.


During rock concerts, they would vilely tell the audience of thousands, to sell their souls to Satan and worship him, insulting the God in heaven that made them. However, what they didn’t tell their audience was the misery it had brought them. Mainstream music biographers consistently airbrush the fact Led Zeppelin were Satanists, in trying to pretty up their image for the history books.

After relentless horrors and tragedies hit the band, Led Zeppelin members became afraid and were convinced founding member Jimmy Paige had brought a curse on them, due to his dealings in the occult and by following the crazed teachings of Satanist, pedophile, murderer and Kabbalah adherent, Aleister Crowley, who is George W. Bush’s grandfather. Yes, bad things happen to good people, but under Paige’s misdirection, Led Zeppelin were living lives submersed in evil and darkness.

In the book “Rock Babylon” writer Geary Herman wrote of the “The Zeppelin Curse” as there were many tragedies. It certainly is true that “Led Zeppelin as a group have had a record of death and severe accidents associated with themselves and their entourage.”

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