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List of the most racist countries in the world (With Photos)

Most racist countries in the world: Opposite to the accepted idea race is not just limited on geological dissimilarities. It was the 19th century when Africans had to face the pits. The 21st century has been embracing so far the enormous ethnic, historical, cultural, religious and societal differences all over the world.


most racist countries in the world

The racial intolerance has resulted in the countless civil conflicts and brought outcomes of terror, war and pathetic scenarios in the world we live. No one can be superior, inferior, lovable, hateful, acceptable or unacceptable on the basis of race.

The Swedish economists every year figure out over the globe and evaluate the country wise behaviors and attitudes regarding the race, gender & ethnicity, cultures and minorities. Here is the latest list of top ten most racist countries in the world – the nations which prefer racism more than human equality.

10. India

Racisim in India

The great secular Indian has all the way failed so far to impede and bring an end to the unremitting Hindu Muslim conflicts and the racial disputes and xenophobic behaviors in the Marathi region, Bihar, entire south and all over the India. There will be none in India but seen the Gujarat riots and the chaos and mayhem created in the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states. Also See: How to know if a man is a virgin..



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