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10 rich celebs you didn’t know have poor siblings (+Photos)

Rich celebs you didn’t know have poor siblings: It is very common for celebrities to share their wealth with friends and family, using their platform to try and start careers for their loved ones that could potentially become just as big as theirs. But what do you do when the people that you grew up with suddenly change and sell you out to the media — could you forgive and forget or resent and neglect?


In the list gathered below, several stars have fallen victim to being sold out to the press while others have seen family members spend money on drugs and alcohol, leading to severe addictions that have led to estranged relationships. It is always questioned as to why so many rich Hollywood celebs have siblings that are homeless and struggling with some sort of addiction, while they live lavishly in their multi-million dollar homes. Clearly something must have happened that has led these famous faces to distance themselves from those who they now consider as nothing more than blood-related relatives from afar. This list will uncover the truth to rich celebs and their poor siblings; what separated them, why one refuses to support the other and what the chances are of them ever reuniting and making peace. Some have, some have not. Find out who they are below.


10. Mariah and Alison Carey


Mariah Carey may be worth over a staggering $530 million, has won multiple awards and carries the title of one of the best-selling artists of all-time. Yet with all that success, one is quickly baffled as to why the songstress would let her sister Alison, suffer in the way that she has. Many of Mariah’s fans may not even be aware of the fact that the singer has an HIV-positive former prostitute of a sibling, having struggled with money for as long as she can remember.

The two fell out in 1994, supposedly over Alison’s struggling drug addiction. Mariah is reported to have tried to save her sister, offering her thousands of dollars to seek help at rehab facilities, but Alison refused. Mariah would often send Alison money following her musical success, but all that she would do is spend it on drugs. It is believed that though her sister has begged to get back in touch with her, 45-year-old Mariah cannot overlook a series of drug addictions — Carey could not imagine putting her two children in that kind of danger. Alison has been making a steady income by talking about her famous sister in interviews, begging the pop icon to get back in touch with her.



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