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What president Buhari did in Nigeria yesterday is totally unbelievable! (See Photos)

What president Buhari did in Nigeria: Amazed, shocked and at the same time, completely lost for words. To think a Nigerian president or even the lowest of ranked government official in Nigeria can do this? Wow! Just fell in love with Buhari.. Read report after the cut..


The guy who posted these photos on Twitter claims this black car was carrying president Buhari as he left the National Mosque in Abuja this afternoon after Jumaat prayers. There’s only one other car driving beside his car; there’s no siren or long convoy.
See Also: The 10 most corrupt countries in the world for 2015 (+Pics). If that is really him, then kudos to him. Not all these ones that will be causing traffic when they’re moving around. 


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  1. Kenny says

    All well and good. But….is Nigeria's situation wise for that, security-wise??

  2. pigo hedliger says

    And how will that bring back our girls, give us light, fuel and everythn he promised. I don't think so. That's eye service. Fo how long will he do dat?

    1. ara says

      What right do you have to call this eye service? And to answer your question of how this act will bring back our girls or give us light as promised, you totally missed the point here. All this didn't happen in days, and how you expect him to fix in just a few days in office beats me completely. Its only fair that we remain objective and positive. At least like he said he is not making the same mistakes of his predecessors.

  3. drack says

    This is #bullshit, what's the news here. A claim, and I though something big.

  4. tunapa says

    It's a welcome development to reduce governance. U

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