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10 annoying problems that come with having a big bu*t

Problems that come with having a big butt: It’s fairly common knowledge that no two bodies are created equal. Uniqueness and individuality together create the beauty of our bodies. Some people will always find something wrong with their bodies or something that can be improved upon. But the fact of the matter is that all bodies are beautiful, and some of us aren’t destined to have the super thin, model-like body.


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Today’s society has an obsession with our booties. For whatever reason, the media has deemed the derriere as sexy and something that needs to be grown and not shrunk. Fitness trainers are being asked on a daily basis to conduct exercises to grow our butts. Plastic surgeons are now being asked to do butt implants. Perhaps we have Kim Kardashian to thank for the fad?

Regardless of popularity, those who have not lived with a big butt actually don’t understand that there are problems that come along with the gift. You might say the grass is greener on the other side, but having a trendy butt comes with a price.

Some revel in it, while others consider it a cross to bear. The following list points out the ten biggest problems that come with having a big caboose.

10. Exercise Assumption


We’ll start with the basics. If you have a big butt, you’ll encounter two different kinds of assumptions depending on what your butt looks like. If you have a well toned derriere, you’ll get bothered with questions about what kind of exercises you do and asked to demonstrate your squatting technique that will make people wonder if you’re constipated.

If your butt is less-than-toned, people will assume that you don’t work out at all. Both of these assumptions aren’t fair, of course. But having a big butt seems to be a target on health and fitness and you’ll encounter one of these extremes.



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