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10 facts you probably have wrong about satan

10 facts you probably have wrong about satan 700x401About satan: Satan is one of the most talked-about beings in history. He is a topic of discussion and disagreement for both Christians and non-believers. From atheists to Catholics to everyone in between, it seems that just about everyone has something to say about Satan. We have even adopted phrases that allude to Satan. How many times have you said “the devil made me do it,” or something is “sinfully good”?


10 facts you probably have wrong about satan 700x337

Odds are, you have some preconceived notions about Satan; who he is, what he does, and where he goes. Yet have you ever really thought about these beliefs?

Well, this list of 10 facts you probably have wrong about Satan may blow your mind. From his supposed omnipresence to his relationship to God, these are ten things that you may have had no idea were wrong. According to scriptures in the Holy Bible, as well as Christian experts and leaders, many of the things we believe about Satan are pure misconceptions. We hope you find the items on this list to be eye-opening and a learning experience. If anything, it may give you a new perspective and something to think about as you further develop your own beliefs, whether you think Satan exists or not.

10. Satan is not in charge of hell



In fact, Christians will tell you that no one is in hell right now, because God does not judge the living and the dead until the day of judgment, which has not happened yet. On that day, God will take everyone and judge them before His eyes. If you had lived a life with Jesus Christ as your savior, then you may live with God the Father in heaven. However, if you had not accepted Jesus into your life, then you will be sent to hell. Another tidbit? Satan himself will be cast into the lake of fire in hell on the day of judgment. So there you have it; Satan is not in charge of hell and he will in fact be reprimanded and sent to burn in it.



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    Rubbish write up, all looks like repitition.

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