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10 Shockingly bloodthirsty birds – #2 will leave you in a big shock!

Shockingly bloodthirsty birds – Alfred Hitchcock did not know his birds very well, otherwise he would not have used mere crows and gulls in his avian horror movie. The truly terrible birds that stalk the world’s continents and remote islands are among the creepiest and most disturbing creatures. We follow these feathered stalkers which inspired the unclean birds of ancient religious texts, folklore warnings, and the demons of many nature religions.


Vampirism, impalement, ghoulishness are the hallmarks of these species. One may even harvest humans on occasion.

10. Great White Pelican


Great White Pelican

Great White Pelicans roam the coasts of Eurasia, filling their multi-gallon bills with fish and other sea life. However, there are few limits to the pelican’s ability to swallow prey whole, and rather surprising larger animals may be targeted. Recently, a Great White was filmed at a London park capturing a live pigeon in its massive jaws, before swallowing the bird . . . alive. Not many avians are capable of simply swallowing another bird whole. Even adult gulls and young cormorants—pelican relatives—have been drowned and swallowed headfirst. How much carnage occurs on the world’s lakes, out of sight of human observers?

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