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OMG! You need to see what villagers found inside this dead Anaconda (Photos + Video)


What villagers found inside this dead Anaconda – Villagers who found a gigantic dead snake in the bush and to cut it open were stunned by what they found inside its bloated stomach.

Scroll down to see the jaw-dropping photos. Don’t forget about the video at the end of the article!



The video shows a local man cutting open the body of a dead snake with the knife to have a look at the reptile’s last meal. But what he finds inside is really scaring – it turned out that the animal, believed to be a green anaconda, ate an equally big snake and after awhile died. The predators were separated with a wooden stick and it became clear that both were approximately of the same length.




The green anaconda is a non-venomous boa species found in South America. It is the largest, heaviest, and second longest known extant snake species. It eats a wide variety of prey, almost anything they can manage to overpower, including fish, birds, a variety ofmammals, and even other snakes. But surely they must be limited to eating prey that are shorter than they are in overall length.

Watch video:

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