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10 famous athletes n*des that got leaked (With Pictures)

10 famous athletes nudes that got leaked om Serena Williams 700x478Famous athletes nudes that got leaked – Celebrity nude photos leaking are becoming more and more common as the years go by. Ten years ago, seeing a celebrity have their private and personal photos surface online might have been considered scandalous, but these days, it’s not necessarily a big deal, other than the fact that people will be keen to look.


After 2014’s massive iCloud hacking scandal, celebrities have tried to stay much more discreet when it comes to sending their lovers private photos, having learned that even stuff that they think is securely stored in the cloud can still be accessed by the growing number of hackers. Below, we have gathered together the biggest athletes who have experienced the photo leaking scandal themselves — while some have embraced it, others were mortified, and were quick to apologize to their fans for being so reckless. For athletes, it may seem much more scandalous seeing that you wouldn’t usually associate a person in a sports field with nude photo selfies making their rounds online. Athletes are more or less very discreet about their business, unlike models and musicians who live for the attention.

10. McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney, the teen athlete who took part in the 2012 Olympics, was stunned to find her own nude photos circulating in her Twitter timeline. It was considerably bad for her since Maroney was only 17 when the pics from her phone had somehow gotten into the wrong hands — someone was clearly out to embarrass the youngster, and it seemed to have worked. McKayla gave an apology to her fans, stating that the images were private and that her team were out to find the person who leaked the photos. Although, what could be the chances of McKayla having “leaked” the photos herself? Perhaps she mistakenly pressed the “Tweet” button. It happens, right?

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