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10 most evil mothers in the world – you will be shocked to see how they killed their kids brutally! (With Pictures)

5. Claire Biggs

Mothers Who Killed Their Kids
Claire Biggs was an addict mother who had already lost custody to her first child because of the drug habit. Despite that, she and her boyfriend were allowed to look after the second baby Rhys Biggs. The mother tortured Rhys in 2009, who ended up in the hospital with fractured ribs, broken wrist and a broken shoulder.

The two month old baby succumbed to the injuries and died. The mother, though jailed, continued to suffer for her crime in the form of hatred from the inmates. No one liked her and she was an unpopular fellow inmate because of what she did to her son. In fact, Claire was beaten up by fellow prisoners along with another disliked inmate who had been sentenced for multiple charges..



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