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10 of the worst Airplane passengers (With Pictures)

Worst Airplane passengers – According to Wired, there were 20,000 unruly passenger incidents between 2010 and 2013. In-air offenses ranged from physical assault and sexual harassment to failure to follow crew instructions and consumption of illegal narcotics.


And then there are the verbal confrontations and threats, the bad behavior that stems from too much alcohol, and bizarre examples of passengers simply going off the deep end at 30,000 feet.

In 2009, a man on a Horizon Airlines flight from Medford, Oregon to Los Angeles ran out of the restroom naked and pushed two crew members, and in 2010, a passenger on a Delta flight was fined $27,500 for referencing Satan and ripping a paper towel bin from the wall of the lavatory. Yes, weird stuff happens up in the air.

Since adopting stiffer penalties and a zero-tolerance approach to hostile passenger behavior, the FAA claims unruly passenger incidents in 2014 were at their lowest since 1995. Airline workers are better trained to deal with drunk and belligerent passengers, penalties for bad behavior are harsh, and pilots are quicker to divert planes before things get out of control. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of high-profile air rage incidents. Here are 10 passengers nobody wants to fly with.

10. Booted for Belting Out Whitney Houston

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York made an emergency stop in Kansas City to kick off an unruly passenger who wouldn’t stop singing Whitney Houston songs. The aspiring diva was subdued by a federal air marshal and put in cuffs.

In a video captured by another passenger, the woman is heard singing “I Will Always Love You” as she’s being escorted from the plane. The woman was released without charges but was banned from flying American Airlines.

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