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10 signs you are about to get dumped!

love hurts

Signs you are about to get dumped – It’s happened to us all before – the breakup that came out of absolutely nowhere! But…did it really, though? Did you see the signs but couldn’t actually fathom the idea of someone not wanting to be with you anymore? (You’re so awesome! How?!) This time, it can be different. You can take a step back and look at your relationship with a more critical eye and prep yourself for the inevitable. The


end of a relationship is like the end of an era, no doubt. It’s heartbreaking and difficult to accept. And to be honest, getting dumped just plain sucks! No one wants to be the one who gets the boot. Just ask Scott Disick, America’s least empathetic dumpee. Being tossed to the curb can be hard on the heart – and on the ego. But the sooner you can spot a relationship headed for splitsville, the sooner you can begin moving on with your life and finding someone who does want to go the distance with you.

Sure, all relationships hit some lows. But when are those lows becoming too frequent and going on for far too long? Don’t let a breakup surprise you like a Shonda Rhimes plot twist. Learn how to spot the signs that the love of your life may have fallen out of love with you before you invest more of yourself into a doomed relationship. Who knows, if you can spot it soon enough, maybe you’ll be the one saying, “Bye, Felicia!” instead.

10. Hot Sex is a Thing of the Past

When someone is having second thoughts about whether or not a relationship is working for them, it’s not surprising that sex may become a little less exciting or even disappear altogether. Yes, sex can become less spicy or less frequent even in healthy relationships. But when your sex life crosses over from hot and steamy to basically non-existent, there’s a good chance something’s wrong. If the quality of your sex life takes a turn for the worst, it’s time to brace yourself for the possibility of a split.

Sex is a way happy couples connect with one another on both a physical and emotional level. If your partner no longer wants to do that, something could be amiss. If you can’t remember the last time you guys even had sex – well, let’s just say you should start working on your Tinder profile. Just go download the app right now.

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