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10 celebrities caught staring at big butts (With Pictures)


Celebrities caught staring at big butts – Well, we’ve all been there. You are with your guy pals and a very attractive woman wearing tight pants walks by. You can’t help yourself but take a little peek.


You turn your head, tilt it slightly downward, and try to grab a split second look of the woman’s perfect behind. It happens quite often and men and women of all types can’t resist getting a look at someone’s backside. It’s become almost second nature for people to take a quick unsuspecting glance, checking out others around them. We do it all the time, sometimes without even realizing it.

Men are the biggest violators by far. We sometimes are subtle about it and other times are not very coy about having a wandering eye and checking out someone of the opposite sex. The best is when you see a man with his significant other and he tries to wait for that perfect moment when his wife is distracted to get a quick glance of a young hot woman in tight clothing. It almost seems unfair when beautiful woman purposely dress in tight clothing, showing off their bodies, knowing full well that men are going to look. And that’s the whole point of it all.

Some women want that kind of attention. They want to show off their goods and they want men to look. And look we do. Celebrities are not immune to this behavior and many have been caught on camera with a wandering eye. It may only be for a split second in time, but that picture will last a lifetime. These are 10 Celebrities Who Were Caught Checking Out Derrieres.

10. Chris Rock – Rihanna


Funny man Chris Rock is famous for his brazen brand of comedy. He relates what it is like to be a black man in this world as well as any other comedian out there. He is also fearless, calling anyone and everyone out for doing stupid things. Well, here, Rock is caught right on camera as he passes by singerRihanna and can’t help but stare right down at her behind as he strolls by. It looks as though Rock is struck by lightning, honing in on Rihanna’s backside as if he were sparkling like a diamond. Honestly, Chris, we don’t blame you one bit.

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