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10 dumbest reasons kids got suspended from school (With Pictures)


Dumbest reasons kids got suspended from school – These days, schools are attempting to carefully balance their obligation of keeping students and faculty safe and upholding rules and standards.


This balance can sometimes be difficult for parents and students alike. Since schools in the U.S are managed by townships and cities and not a state wide or national set of rules and regulations, each school can sometimes have policies that differ greatly from one school to another. And that’s just public schools. Private schools can apply an entirely different set of guidelines and create their own rule books for students to follow. Sometimes, these rules can be strange and cause some pause.

In recent years, the influx of school incidents has caused administrators to go a little batty with their rules. Some policies and rules such as reinforced doors and lock systems, which prevent people from walking right into schools, have become a necessary part of our education system. Certainly, we must protect our students and teachers from crazies.

Also, harassment, verbal and sexual in nature, have become hot topics in our educational system. Teachers are extremely guarded against contact with students that could be deemed anything but professional.The old way of a student giving a teacher a hug isn’t an acceptable practice. It could be considered either inappropriate contact on the teacher’s behalf or sexual harassment on the student’s behalf. Times have definitely changed and the rules governing these schools have also taken strange twists and turns.

These aren’t the kinds of kids who sneak drugs onto campus or start fights. But they still got suspended nonetheless. These are the 10 Dumbest Reasons Kids Got Suspended From School.

10. “Cut That Hair Cancer Survivor”


Michigan teenager J.T. Gaskin had been through a lot: the young man is a leukemia survivor. When a good female friend of his was diagnosed with cancer, he felt strongly about growing his hair out. He set out to grow his hair into the 10-inch pony tail required by Locks of Love – a non-profit organization which donates hair to underprivileged children with cancer – for a donation in her honor. A noble cause, right? Unfortunately, the school suspended him when his hair was 2 inches below his collar, which is part of the school’s dress code for boys. Gaskin is a fighter. He said at the time we would continue growing his hair. This is one instance where the administration needed to bend (and maybe warm their cold hearts).

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