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10 ridiculous celebrity fails..

10 Ridiculous Celebrity Fails

Celebrity fails: America loves fails caught on camera and posted on popular websites such as YouTube for us to watch and laugh. More specifically, celebrity fails are the ultimate topics searched when it comes to embarrassing moments. Their mistakes is the heartbeat of a rare photo opportunity, a great story, and could be the defining moment of their career.


For over 30 years, we’ve compiled, discussed, and scrutinized these moments to figure out was it staged or just our luck we were able to witness it as it happened. However, some epic falls are not so funny and actually result in serious injuries. For instance, Frank Zappa, during his 1971 tour in London, was shoved into the orchestra pit when a fan stormed the stage and pushed Zappa for “eyeing” his girlfriend. Zappa sustained multiple injuries, including a crushed larynx and head trauma. He was convinced this man was going to murder him.

Other times, celebs get too into delivering a great show and fall off the stage on their own. The rich and famous have blessed us with many moments of them falling off their demi-god pedestal and showing us they are human after all. Underneath the fame and shining lights, they are everyday people like us; yet, it’s still funny when they are caught doing something less than perfect or tasteful.

So thank you, media, for capturing these wonderful moments for us to share. Here are 10 epic moments, both past and present, to give you a good laugh for the day. Enjoy!

10. Fergie – I Peed My Pants



We all understand artists are on a tight schedule when they’re on tour. They have limited time to eat, make phone calls, do interviews, and even take care of “business.” Back in 2005, the Black Eyed Peas were scheduled to go on stage and Fergie didn’t have time to make a bathroom trip. She decided to risk it and go on with the show.

It must’ve been all the jumping and dancing because she decided she couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose on stage. She carried on with the show like nothing had happened but everyone could see it. A giant wet mark that could be seen in the front and in the back. What’s more, Fergie thought pouring champagne on herself would be a good cover up. I would say good thinking, Fergie, but 10 years later we’re still talking about it. People don’t forget.



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