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12 rich celebs who don’t help their poor siblings (With Pictures)

12 Rich celebs who don't help their poor siblings (With Pictures) -

Rich celebs who don’t help their poor siblings – Celebrities live pretty glamorous lives for the most part, but being famous is not without its challenges. One of the biggest issues celebrities face is how they will help their families once they make it big. Some famous people are more than willing to assist their loved ones financially.


However, poor money management and family members who can’t seem to stop asking for cash can turn out to be a huge hassle for these celebrities. While having a celebrity in the family can be a huge relief at times, especially for hard-working people who can’t always make ends meet, there are some relatives who can really take advantage of the fact that someone in their bloodline has millions of dollars.

There are also famous people who have used their star status to help their siblings make it big, too. For instance, after Ben Affleck had achieved a pretty substantial level of fame, he showed his brotherCasey, the (Hollywood) ropes and now both brothers attend red carpet events to promote their respective movies. Of course, there are also celebs who don’t help their less-than-rich siblings. The reasons for this vary, even though to the average person it can look pretty heartless. Here are 12 scenarios you may not know about.

12. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts had a half sister who committed suicide. The cause of her death was a drug overdose, and it was well known that she suffered extensively from substance abuse. Roberts’ sister even stated in her suicide note that Julia did not help her to improve her life, and that she wanted the public to know that Julia Roberts isn’t the “sweetheart” that America knows her to be. Roberts’ sister, like many drug addicts, was likely angry that her sister refused to continue helping her. Perhaps Julia saw that her financial help wasn’t going to get her sister to turn her life around, which is devastating and unfortunate.

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