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14 secrets the Obamas’ don’t want you to know (With Pictures)

The Obama's

Secrets the Obamas don’t want you to know – The secrecy of the American government is something that fascinates us. It’s the reason House of Cards and Homeland are such successful shows. It’s the reason that there is a cottage industry of 9/11 conspiracy theories.


And the government doesn’t even pretend that it’s not secretive. Although they name infringements of civil liberties the “Patriot Act,” they call the Commander in Chief’s guards the Secret Service.

Now, everyone knows that Richard Nixon was a secretive person. In June of 1972, as he ran for reelection, five men were arrested in the middle of the night trying to bug the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate hotel in Washington D.C. Although the administration tried to cover it up, the truth that Nixon had requested the operation eventually emerged in trial. He resigned in the face of impeachment, becoming the mascot of uncharismatic secretiveness.


Barack Obama, being so charismatic, would seemingly be his open-book opposite. But his administration has many secrets, personal and public, that would intrigue even the staunchest democrat. If you’re curious, click on, and find out the 14 secrets the Obamas would prefer you didn’t know.

14. Michelle Suspects Infidelity


Sources say that Obama has a wandering eye and that the First Lady is well aware of it. Some people even say that Michelle suspects Barack of having an affair with every attractive lady he’s left alone with. She might be right, given his attractiveness and his presumable level of stress. Things got worse when a photo emerged of the president and the American ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, getting close.

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