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The 15 ugliest outfits worn by celebrities In 2015 – #7 is horrendous (With Pictures)

The 15 Ugliest Outfits Worn By Celebrities In 2015

Ugliest outfits worn by celebrities: You don’t get to dress nicely for a great event all that often. For common folk, you’ll attend a ball or two, a few weddings and some other events that’ll require you to dress as sharply as you can. Life is simple and so are the events. Nothing’s wrong with that.


Leading a glamour lifestyle most of us dream about, celebrities attend all sorts of great events all through the year, and they make sure to look their best for numerous red carpet events and for the on-site photographers.  From hot dresses to fancy suits, they work hand in hand with their designer to put together the latest fashion trends and what fits their bodies the best.

But some celebrities don’t get that concept right. Either they try to show their rebellious way through their clothing, or they just woke up that day and decided that they couldn’t care less. Some of these people even dress catastrophically right into the Oscars awards ceremony.

From bad choices of colors to just hideous outfits that should never see the light of day, these 15 celebrities wore the worst outfits we’ve seen so far in 2015.

15. Kiesza – Paper Mache



Really… What is going on here? The dress Kiesza wore at the 2015 Tony Awards looks like something my nine-year old niece would do with white sheets of paper during a rainy afternoon, while she’s bored in class. It’s just plain weird and ugly.

I wonder if there is a message coded in there, and if that’s the case, I just can’t find it. Something like theDaVinci Code! There are ways to be rebellious and dashing with the clothes you wear. But Kiesza not only misses the mark here, she needs to take a note from her song and “Hideaway”. She gets some points for cool hair and shoes, though.



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