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Top 10 countries with the sexiest women in the world – See which is number 1! (With Pictures)


Countries with the sexiest women in the world – There are lot of articles, posts and YouTube videos about which countries have the sexiest women in the world. The reality is that such a list is going to be entirely subjective.


If you ask a 100 men this question, you will likely get a 100 different top 10 lists with some overlap. But after examining most of these lists, I don’t feel that they do justice to the beauty of women around the globe.

Most of these lists, in my opinion, don’t really represent what the male species as a whole actually understands to be sexy. For instance, every article out there routinely leaves out a female representative from both Asia and Africa. How exactly that happens, I am not sure.

We need to determine what it truly means to be sexy. For my list, sexy is based not only on physicality, but also personality, intelligence and style. From this perspective, ladies from English-speaking countries just don’t cut it, nor do Russians or Ukrainians. This list is a compilation of women that have the complete package. I am talking about groups of women that are hot as hell, but also as a collective whole have the correct mindset that makes them truly sexy.

You may ask yourself how the author of this article has the authority to arbitrarily make such a list? Well, I have traveled to several countries, lived on two continents, had relationships with women from multiple cultures and have always had an international circle of friends. I have also spent countless hours of my life conversing with other male friends and acquaintances about such a list. With that being said, here are the world’s top 10 countries with the sexiest women.

10. Senegal – Most Beautiful Women In Africa


At this point, some of you may be thinking where exactly is Senegal and have I ever met a Senegalese woman? Senegal is in West Africa and if you’ve ever had the opportunity to encounter one of these beauties, you will understand why this African country made the list. Not only are most Senegalese women incredibly sexy, but also refreshingly polite, easy-going and positive. Even a beautiful Senegalese woman will talk to a regular guy with bright eyes and a smile that will melt your heart away.

Senegalese women tend to be on the taller side, which is why many of them make good models. There is also something about the exotic features of their face and radiating skin that grabs the attention of men. In my opinion, they are the most beautiful women on the African continent.

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    Hmmmm I guess you are a Nigeria and you did not include your country name too bad……

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