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Top 10 myths about female sexuality – Things you need to know now!

Top 10 Myths About Female

Myths about female sexuality: Human sexuality is a subject that will never stop being discussed. Everyday, we learn something new about it, and scientists are not done exploring this field. From the mechanics of our bodies to what’s going on in our minds when we are aroused, every sphere of human desire is carefully studied.


Male desire, for example, has been calculated and facts concerning it are well-known to most people. We’ve read articles, even watched documentaries about it. However, when it comes to female sexuality, in many fields, we are clueless. Part of this ignorance is found in the fact we’ve censored female sexuality for centuries and it is only recently that we started to admit women have needs, too; however, part of our lack of understanding lies in the complexity of its mechanics.

Of course, not understanding something will give birth to different beliefs and myths that can or cannot be true. From habits to thoughts, we’ve created quite a lot of stories around female sexuality that are based on our lack of knowledge. This said, I found 10 well-known myths about women’s sexuality and will explain if they are true, or not.

10. Women Want Fewer Partners

It is known that men (not all of them, but most of them) like to brag about being real alphas and getting a bunch of partners. But when it comes to women, we tend to believe that they want to have fewer partners and be more conservative about their sex lives.

According to Psychology Today, it’s not necessarily true that they want less partners, but they do have less than men because males tend to exaggerate how many conquests they had. When participants for a study were asked how many partners they really wanted, both men and women answered “one”. Also, when males state their real number of partners, they come down to about the same as females. This makes this myth both false and true.



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