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What? Groom rapes chief bridesmaid to be?? – You need to see this (+Photos)

Daniel-Howard- Sad wedding

Groom rapes chief bridesmaid to be – An army captain has been sentenced for raping a guest in his house. The rape was carried out even while his wife to be slept next door, and the lady raped was the chief bridesmaid to be.


Daniel Howard, 29 who was serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps denied the rape initially, claiming that the victim used a sex toy of his and that was why there was forensic evidence.

However, his claims were dismissed by the jury at Teesside crown court, who took just 90 minutes to convict him based on overwhelming evidence.

Daniel got married to his supposed heartthrob in August, and the rightful chief bridesmaid was the victim of the rape.

Sad Wedding 2

The victim whose name we have withheld, was best friend to Howard’s wife, April.

Their friendship however crashed after the victim revealed the hideous crime.

Mirror UK reports that on revelation of officer’s crime, his wife , April picked offense and shunned her best friend.

Just three weeks before his trial, the new wife, who reportedly refused to believe her husband had carried out the assault, went ahead with her wedding.

Sad Wedding

For the abandoned rape victim, it was really heartbreaking, especially whenever she recalled what they had been through together and the great plans she and April had.

She said: “I’m really upset my friendship with April no longer exists.

“I was meant to be a bridesmaid at her wedding,  we were meant to have children at similar times and raise them together.

“I only said something in the first place to try to protect April, I couldn’t have stood in church on her wedding day knowing what had happened and that it would most probably happen again.”

Following a four-day trial, Captain Daniel will be in prison for not less than 7years.

His family support him immensely but as for his military career, he’ll never have it back.

While Daniel spends his years in prison, the victim continues to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to reports, she feels damage and broken. She fears that all her future plans are forever wiped out by the attack which happened in February 2014, as she doesn’t feel confident enough to be by herself anymore.

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