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10 Shocking stories of how adult stars lost their virginity (With Pictures)


Shocking stories of how adult stars lost their virginity – The list of terrifying things that you only have to endure once in your life is exhaustive. Your first day at school, the first time you drop the ball at work, the first time youget a speeding ticket – all nightmarish scenarios that we all go through once and then, happily, never again.


Expressing your physical love with a consenting adult for the first time is something that we bet would be top of the list of things you’re glad you’ll never have to go through again.

No matter how old, good-looking or sensible you are at the time, losing your virginity is a uniquely troubling experience. Wondering if you’re doing it correctly, worrying that your partner may not be enjoying it, wishing that you hadn’t taken all your tips from Fifty Shades of Greythere’s so much to panic about, i’s a wonder any of us ever had sex again. Happily, everybody else was in the same boat as you – even the biggest stars of the adult entertainment industry. Their first times were also their worst times and they’re now paid for being brilliant at the old slap and tickle.

10 stars of adult films have offered their accounts of the time they lost their V-cards and the stories make for amazing reading. From disastrous and hilariously unsatisfying encounters, to sweet tales of waiting for their first loves, their stories are surprisingly tame and, well, ordinary.

10. Courtney Cummings

A veteran of dozens of adult films, Courtney was 13 when she decided to have sex for the first time. It was a case of overwhelming curiosity for Cummings – she was, “dating a black guy and wanted to know” if the rumors about African-Americans being well-endowed were true. Her best friend had also lost her virginity and claimed that it was great experience. Courtney was less enthused about her first time; she states that it took place in a cave near a monument in her native West Virginia and was ultimately underwhelming. She remembers feeling, “that was pretty nice, but that’s it?”.

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