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15 Extremely hot women Leonardo Dicaprio has slept with (With Pictures)

Leonardo-Dicaprio-TheinfoNGHot women Leonardo Di Caprio has slept with – Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most adored actors. Nominated for an Oscar at the ripe age of 19 for his performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Leo was bound for super stardom. But, DiCaprio isn’t only known for his stellar acting career. A lot of people also know Leonardo to be one of Hollywood’s most swinging bachelors. Over the years DiCaprio has dated a literal “who’s who” of Hollywood’s hottest. From supermodels to movie stars, Leo has dated them all.


Leonardo is the immaculate mack: charming, interesting, a bit mysterious. He’s every girl’s dream. In his spare time, Leo likes to hang out on yachts, take in basketball games and, of course, mingle with extremely gorgeous women.

At the beginning of this past summer a new trend emerged: the ill-fated “dadbod”. Every “dadbod” article seemed to use the same photo to legitimize the trend. It was Leo, admittedly looking a little chunky, hanging out on the beach. The thing is, there was no real “dadbod” trend (being out of shape is never en vogue). Leo can pull off being out of shape, Joe Six-pack (or rather Joe Kegstand) cannot. This is Leo’s magnetic power; he can do anything and gorgeous women will still be uncontrollably attracted to him. Check out a list of some of Leo’s hottest lady friends below.

15. Giselle Bundchen


Before Giselle Bunchen married Tom Brady she is said to have been in an on and off relationship with Leo from 2000-2005. Giselle is a Brazilian supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel who in 2014 was ranked the world’s 89th most powerful woman by Forbes.

Considered by some to be the only true supermodel remaining, Giselle is currently the highest paid model in the world. In addition to modeling, Giselle is also an active philanthropist. She’s done quite alright for herself following her relationship with Leo.

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