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20 celebrities you never knew had braces (With Pictures)

20 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Had Braces

Celebrities you never knew had braces: While some of you may think that braces are cool, for those who have actually worn them, they are like a strait jacket for our mouths. Braces are tight and confining and they always find a way to poke and prod at our gums, lips, and tongue. They make eating, talking, and drinking a chore. And do not even get us started on kissing!


By no means would we wish that doom on even our arch enemies. While most of us common folks have either worn or witnessed our friends donning braces, here are 20 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Had Braces.

From singers and actors of all ages, we have twenty celebs who were certainly not born with perfectly straight teeth, so they had to resort to braces like the rest of us. Even so, some of these stars opted for Invisalign or clear brackets, but surprisingly, a lot of them went with the traditional metal brackets. Perhaps they wanted to show others that they were just like their fans. Normal.

Well, celebs will never be totally normal, but seeing them in braces is definitely a breath of fresh air and a nice reminder that even the rich and the famous do not have perfect DNA. So sit back, read about these 20 previously metal-mouthed celebrities, and rejoice. Braces are not a life sentence, they are just superbly annoying.

20. Angelina Jolie




Think Angelina Jolie is a real-life superwoman now? Well, then you should have seen her way back in the day. She may be super awesome now, married to Brad Pitt, and serving as an ambassador in the United Nations, but that was not always the case. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Back in high school, Jolie was not the big girl on campus. Not even close. She was scrawny and more of an outcast and had a mouth full of braces. At this point, she was not doing much acting, but she did get back into it once she turned 16. The braces eventually came off, she –um- developed, and she broke out into stardom.

19. Britney Spears

Via Britney Spears

Via Britney Spears

It seems that we have seen everything there is to see about Britney Spears. Yet many of us were unaware that Brit once walked around with a mouth full of metal. Even when she was liberated from her braces, she still had to wear a retainer full of spittle. Yuck! Yet Britney has said that she has fond memories of those metal-mouth days. She said that she liked getting her braces because she thought they were cool and made her look like a teenager. Um, maybe if you are trying to live up to the teenager Katy Perry depicts in her hit song “Last Friday Night”!



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