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12 Strip clubs that should be on everyone’s bucket list (With Pictures)


Strip clubs that should be on everyone’s bucket list – In today’s world, there remains somewhat of a stigma surrounding strip clubs. Despite the entire world being privy to the details of every celebrity’s sex life and a nearly infinite amount of free adult videos on the internet, going to a well-lit bar in which young women (or men) remove their clothes is a pastime that remains frowned upon.


The fact of the matter is however, traditional morality can cause people to frown and wave fingers all day but these clubs still exists and still make plenty of money, as do their dancers. There are some that are less than kind to their girls, which is nothing short of a tragedy, but for those legitimate club owners and the girls who freely practice their trade and make their living, we salute you.

Like everything else in life however, not all things are created the same, and of course this applies to strip clubs. Much like regular bars, restaurants, movies and people in general, some are terrible; a few are okay but unremarkable, and some are good. I’d like to do a more accurate breakdown of exactly how many of the clubs out there fall into which category, but I don’t have enough single dollar bills. Getting back to the matter at hand, aside from the “terrible”, “alright” and “good” categories, there are those rare and elusive strip clubs that are nothing short of life-changing. Here is our list of those wonderful skin bars that should be visited by every man (who likes that sort of thing) before he meets his maker. We’ve tried to keep a balance between clubs that are awesome overall and those clubs that have a gimmick that makes them essential.

12. 2001 Odyssey – Tampa, Florida

This place was selected as the best nude bar in Tampa for a decade back in the 2000’s until 2012. To this day, it still has a great reputation in the area and offers something different every night of the week. Monday is local’s night, and Saturday is couple’s night for instance. The club has a space theme, and a flying saucer built into the roof. For a couple hundred dollars it is possible to get a dance up there.

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