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10 Times people got stuck while having s*x – This will leave you in stitches! (With Pictures)

Times people got stuck while having sex – Sex is a natural act. We all know things can get a little funky when it comes to sexual intercourse. It’s an act that is very enjoyable for some and even more so for others. Some people tend to be shy in bed while others are more adventurous.


Whatever your cup of tea, sex is a widely accepted activity that goes far beyond just making babies. And sure, while the primary purpose of intercourse is to make another little version of you, the act itself is so much fun we pretty much put procreating as a secondary bonus. Our primary focus is to have a good time and enjoy the sensation with someone we hand select.

Now there are all kinds of sex. You can have regular missionary on the bed sex or there are people who opt to go a little more on the fun side and mix up the sexual locations. Maybe one day it’s on the stairs? Maybe the next it’s in the shower? Maybe it’s on the couch in broad daylight with the window curtains open while your gardener is mowing the front lawn less than twenty yards away? No matter how you like it or where you like it, there are thousands of variables that go into having sex. And we think that’s just swell.

And then there are those that go for the gold. They go to such extremes, that their adventurous nature lands them in the hospital with the kinds of injuries that cause doctors and nurses to rush out of the room to hide their laughter. Yes, there are those who are experts at having sex and then there are those who fumble the ball and end up with a terribly embarrassing tale to tell.

These are the 10 Strangest Sexual Encounters That Landed People In The Hospital.

10. Clogging The Wrong Pipe

One of the most common issues hospitals see is when a patient arrives with something stuck up their rear end. Late at night, they often will see a patient who is walking like they have a stick up their rear (which they might) and with a giant red suction cup mark on their butt cheeks. Why the suction cup looking mark? Well, their partner attempted to extract the object by using a plunger or the end of a vacuum cleaner hose. Obviously, pulling a cucumber that went way too deep into the anal cavity cannot be extracted with a plunger alone. The number of varying objects that get stuck up people’s rears include broom ends, appliances, vegetables, small animals (yeah, that one is scary to me as well) and of course, sex toys. In addition, the common excuse made is, “I fell on that cucumber and it just got stuck up there.” There is no limit to what people can get stuck up their rear end. That is, until you read the next one.

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